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Prayer for young leaders needed

Leaders in Slovakia need your prayers

Clubbers and Leaders in Slovakia

Clubbers and Leaders in Slovakia

"As usually, we had a nice summer Awana camp. There were about 20 kids with us plus our leadership team. It happened in July – so the weather was perfect – sunny days and warm nights – the ideal time for “night games” like searching for “treasure” or “test of courage.”  Our main topic was Daniel – young (teenage) boy, who stood firm and did not compromise the love to God even in a very difficult circumstances.

The new school year has begun and we have started with Awana regular clubs. Besides of kids from our (Evangelical Brethren) church, there are several kids from big neighboring Lutheran church coming to clubs. Please pray for new Lutheran pastor, Miro, who promised to keep coming to club. His presence can encourage parents to send more children to our club.

I also want to ask you to pray for our leadership team, which consist of me (pastor Peter), Martina, my daughter Anna, Samo, Nika, my daughter Dorota, Timo, and assistants – Aďa and Dada.  Pray that all of these young leaders will grow in a dedication to the Lord and His ministry."


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