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Clubbers and Leaders in Slovakia
Clubbers and Leaders in Slovakia

"We are glad to continue our AWANA club this school year. We have twenty-one children that regularly attend our club and three leaders. We want to create for our kids a place where they can feel accepted and secure and at the same time where they can learn about God.

We started our Awana year with a welcome party. We played games outside and had ice cream bars. We talked with the kids that it is important to only allow good things to fill our minds and hearts. We let each child say one word into a tape recorder, and then we played back what everyone said. We used this as an illustration that what we put in our minds will eventually come back out through what we say.

As a result of this lesson, we leaders decided to study the book of Acts. Every week, we study a different story and apply it to our own lives. For example, when we studied Acts 3, Peter and John did not accept praise for healing the lame man. We talked about how God deserves the praise. Another week, we studied that Peter and John were thrown in jail for sharing the gospel, but they continued to preach and teach. We talked about sharing Christ with our friends, and that we don’t need to be afraid but instead be bold in our witness.

In October, we had a “scary” party. We gave the kids different craft materials to make their own masks. We played games and ate snacks. For our lesson, we gave each child a piece of paper and had them write down what were some things that they were afraid of. It was interesting for us to read what the kids were afraid of. Some things were very normal like snakes, spiders, etc., but many listed things like darkness, drunk people, strangers, death, and hell. We talked about fear and four common fears that people experience. We were able to clearly share the gospel with the kids.  We are thankful for these opportunities to share the gospel."


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