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Esmeralda's Story

Clubber in Cuba finds joy despite tragedy

 Esmeralda and Grandma in Cuba
 Esmeralda copying Bible verses in Cuba

Esmeralda has dealt with more tragedy in her young life than a child should ever have to experience. Her father left her family when she was only 5 years old. Her mother suffers from schizophrenia and has spent years in a hospital, leaving Esmeralda and her brothers in the care of their grandmother. They are very poor, living in a humble apartment. To help put food on the table, Esmeralda's grandmother sells candies on the street.  Worst of all, Esmaralda has been diagnosed with leukemia.

But when you look at her picture, the joy and peace in her eyes is unmistakable. How can this be?

Esmeralda joined one of the very first Awana programs in Cuba. She decided to trust Jesus as her personal Savior soon after, and she never misses club. She even made a special box for her Scripture memory verses and reads them every single day, drawing strength from God’s Word.

Thank you for bringing hope to children like Esmeralda through your gifts to Awana International. You are making an incredible difference in so many lives!


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