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"I am the U.S. coordinator for the ministry that is taking place in Haiti and chair the leadership team here. The Valcins (Awana missionaries in Haiti) have multiple ministries they oversee and facilitate. As you might imagine they are overwhelmed with all those ministries being in crisis and with the new demands to minister in the midst of the earthquake crisis. On top of those issues, the Valcins have hosted three American teams in March alone including Medical, Christian Camp and Christian Counseling teams.
In terms of visiting clubs, the AWANA program, all schooling and meeting in regular church buildings are virtually non-existent in Port-au-Prince since everyone has great fear of being inside a building. On top of that, people are suffering physical, emotional and spiritual grief. Awana commanders and workers have been killed in the earthquake and many in Awana suffered serious injury and/or loss of loved ones.
Seeing clubs in action is not really an option. There are no taxis, as we understand them, in the country. It is not likely visitors would be comfortable with their form of public transportation; therefore to move around will require a private driver and vehicle. In addition, the Awana office, all equipment and material was lost in the earthquake and no longer exists. In spite of these disasters, the Awana program continues in the other parts of the country away from Port-au-Prince. The Valcins are still paying for their facilitation from their personal funds and the limited staff is still helping them to continue."

A team from Awana International is traveling to Hait the first week in April to assess the Awana ministry needs there.  Please pray for a successful trip and for their safety.


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