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I will give hope to the hopeless like me

New leader in India gives testimony

"I am  Mega from Trinity Bible Church  Bangalore. When I saw this leader in our Leader-Based Model Leadership Training.  I begin to ask about herself.  She hesitated to say but she said, 'I am staying with my Pastor's wife.'

The next day when we were doing some work Mega came and started telling her story.  When she was one year old her parents were separated and she was left alone in her grandmother's house.  Due to her grandmother being old she said to people, 'I cannot take care of this child.  Please can someone take this child.'  Through Awana Leader-Based Model Leadership Training she said that there is no greater love than God who saved me. She said, 'Father and mother can forsake us but God doesn’t do it - HE is faithful.  I will teach my community and my church through Awana I can boldly teach that God’s love and truth is eternal and unchangeable.  I will give hope to the hopeless like me through Awana.'"


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