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Pray for Nepal to be a Christian nation

Testimony from a new Awana leader in Nepal

"I and our Anugrah church are very much grateful and thankful to you and God for helping in our church's Awana ministry and I want to thank you for your great heart of saving children of all over the world into Christ.

Now, I am studying in grade nine. There are many churches in my village, but I never see any kind of programme in the church especially for children. But when this Awana club was introduced by someone, henceforth I have seen many kinds of different programmes in the church and all the children are also very happy. Nowadays we felt that we are doing successful children ministry with these programme. We know the all these are because of your prayer and help.

Now again I have got a privilege to learn many things from this six days Seed Planter’s Leadership Training Conference. I felt the success in studying the Bible through this training and felt even that I am improving self-confident to draw children closer to God.

Once again, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for helping us to bring children into the kingdom of God. May our Almighty God bless you and your family. I will continually be praying for your ministry to be fruitful and to spread all over the world.

Now I would like to request some prayer matters.  Please pray for those children who are unknown of Christ as well as for their parents to know the need of Christ in their life.  Please pray for Nepal country soon to be identified as Christian country.  Please pray for all of us (Awana leaders) to get good wisdom, power and knowledge of God to lead children toward Jesus Christ. Thank you."


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