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200 leaders attend a leadership training

80 new churches register in Bangladesh

 Training for new leaders in Bangladesh
 Training for new leaders in Bangladesh

"This is a just a quick and brief note about the first Seed Planter's Training Conference in Bangladesh. It went very well.

There were 6 tribal groups present in this training. Our target was to give training to at least half of the tribal groups living in Chittagong Hills district. There are 14 Major tribes and we gave training to 6 groups. Major group was tripura (Joyba's) group. Other also came but few. They will help and support us in the future as volunteers and reach out to their people.

200 leaders attended. There was 70 new churches and other individual institutes like compassion, hostels, orphanages join with us. Total 80 new churches registered with us. The existing clubs in Lama area also got the training. So almost all there were 100 churches that got this Seed Planter's Training, materials, and signed up for registration to run the clubs by the end of this month.

We're very glad and praise God for His mighty hands over us. He blessed us and whole 5 days was a blessing. We had no problems and everything was good. Please pass this news to everyone and praise with us. Thanks for your prayer. Appreciate you very much."

On behalf of all Missionaries in Bangladesh.  Prodip.


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