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This is a revival

Pastor in the Philippines invests in children

"I came to Awana with a heavy heart for the church which God gave me.  It has been in a hole for such a long time.  It started with Awana but for some reason it stopped and it was never revived again.  Today marks the day that I settled my heart to the Lord because He led me and gave me the discernment to put to use my training in equipping the people of the church to insure the future of the church through the lives of these children.  This is a revival and I'm thankful to the Lord for sharing.  I'm looking forward for a partnership that will promote the Kingdom of God in ways that will glorify Him.  I'm thinking of a song that always linger in my mind that greatly expresses what is in my heart.  It's the song 'Thank you for giving to the Lord'.  May your eternal investments for the kingdom bear fruit in the lives of these children."


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