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Mother and son from Korea enjoy each other in Awana

 Mother and Son in Korea

"Leaders and kids.  Big shouts and reciting sounds at the small prayer room fill the big church at 2pm on Saturdays.  When I sometimes feel discouraged raising my children or working at my office, I become restored with God's words and realize the importance of His words.  Thus, the times spent with Awana has had a deep influence on my life.

This is my second year of being an Awana leader and I play games and recite the scriptures with my 4th grade son.  I belong to the yellow team and my son is a T&T red team player.  Now it's my son's turn at red team.  My yellow team player is ready for his turn.

It's a really brief moment with excitement and stress.  At first I pay attention to my son, but in a moment I find myself cheering on my yellow team unconsciously.  I am a yellow team leader above my son's mom.  My son is pleased with my attitude and smiles at me.  Mother and son give and take affection of a famly with silent encouragement speaking nothing.

Today children are busy attending extra classes at several academies after school and parents are also busy taking care of their children.  I'm wondering though if they seem to care about eachother, how much time a family spends encouraging each other in unity.

There are different meetings for different ages in a church.  However, I think Awana is a unique program in which a family can participate sharing God's words and playing games together.  Not only parents and kids but also grandparents and other relatives were invited to the Awana Grand Prix contest.

What a precious gift!  These day the function of a family is becoming weaker and weaker.  I wish the experience my son and I have with Awana will be a little flame as a model and become glowing brightly.

I hope and pray that the Awana program that only my church enjoys now in Chun-chon will expand to other churches so that individuals can stand as approved workmen before God and a great work can be attained in Awana with families in unity."


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