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If there is no rain we suffer

Testimony from rural Fiji

Clubbers in Fiji

"I thank God for you, your prayers and for introducing Awana Clubs into our community.  Thank you for your desire to see our children come to know and understand more about the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am married and we are blessed with three boys and two girls.  We are so honored and blessed to respond to God's calling in our lives that we are serving God as pastors of the Salvation Army here in Fiji and right now we are serving our church in the interior of Fiji where mainly people are multi-racial families and of all denominations.

It took us 1.5 hours to drive to the city and sometimes we do experience the water problem because there is no supplies of tap water and no electricity.  So we do have water tanks generator.  If there is no rain - yes - we do suffer and only some families do have their tanks, generators most of them have none but we still thank God for the breath of life and also transportation is quite hard.  Houses are about the distance of 2km to the closest neighbors because it is mainly farming area where one family owns 10-15 acres of land, so the distance is there.

Some families do have carriers which is sufficient to carry their products and passengers to the market.  Small cars are pretty hard to drive because of the poor road conditions - still gravel.  Despite all of these effects the gospel of God is still reaching out.

Our cultures are all different but we are all manage to blend in properly with one another and it is only the power of God the Holy Spirit who works within.

Being one of the participants for this week I have been blessed, challenged and encouraged.  This has been an eye opener again for me to have more attention and compassion for our children.  And I pray that God will help me to be able to carry the Awana program out to our community to reach out more and mostly the other races to know God."


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