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Tears of Joy

James in Kenya brings parents to church!

James in Kenya

James is a young boy aged nine years. He lives in the town of Mwingi together with his parents. He joined Awana clubs in the year 2009. Through the club he was able to attend church services. He was motivated by other boys and girls in the club to learn about the scriptures.

He was very pleased as he shared the word of God with his friends. One of the days he talked to his Awana teacher and told him that he would like to attend Sunday school. The teacher was very happy to hear that.  He then told James the importance of attending Sunday school. James then thought of his parents as the Awana motto “The other boy and girl for Christ” came to his mind. He felt a burden of bringing his parents to the church. He wanted to do this because all his friends had their parents in the church and his were missing.                                   

Suddenly he got courage and went to them. He therefore made a conversation with them on the importance of attending church services. His parents were astonished to hear the information. They thought, how can a small boy come to talk to us about going to church? After that they promised him that they shall be attending church services. James had great happiness to hear that.

The Sunday that followed James attended Sunday school as normal and towards the end he asked for permission to run for his parents. In a countless speed he came holding his parents firmly on their hands his face trickling with tears of joy.

Since that day they have been faithful church members and through them the church has got more members who have brought their kids to join the Awana club. They also help where possible as a way of serving at the church and in the Awana club. They need prayers for the club to continue growing and to reach as many boys and girls for Christ.


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