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Praying to win

Competitive clubber in Ukraine prays during Game Time

Clubbers in Ukraine 

"This month I have visited 2 clubs that started new Awana program in their churches. They are Korsun-Shevchenkovo and Nabutiv clubs. They had the training in December, 2009. They have Awana meets at the local clubhouse. There are about 20 clubbers each time and the most of them are from non-christian families. It was very interesting for me to watch one girl (she has red sweter in the picture) was very emotionally involved with the games. Each time she prayed before the game and if her team won she is happy but if her team losed she is very unhappy and even cry. Leaders told me that she is just the same each time and she is very eager to win. The result is very important for her."


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