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12 year old kicked out of home

Gospel helps boy go back home in Mozambique

Mozambique Flag

"I am Andre, 12 years old from the country of Mozambique.  I get to know Awana club through my friend Jairo.  My father chased me away from home because of my bad behavior.  I was living on the street begging and stealing things with my friends. One day one of my older friends came to me on Sunday afternoon and asked me to go with him.  We went to an Awana club. I was watching and I like to participate on game time.

It was my first time since I left my Father’s home that I felt loved.  The next week we went again and I met the secretary to register my name. She prayed with me and I gave my life to Christ. I am so happy for the new life that I am in now. My friend saved my life that was destroyed by the enemy. My club leader took me back home, my father accepted me back and I am a new person.  Thank you Awana."


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