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Our community will never be the same

Pastor in Zambia excited about bringing Awana to community

Zambia - Boys in Awana circle

I truly thank God for you dear saints for your awesome burden that you have to reach children.  I say, my community will never be the same again.

I am a single parent with one daughter who also has two fatherless beautiful daughters. Aida is 12 and Elizabeth is 6.  We are a family of 4.  We live at the border of Zambia and Tanzania and we live in a society that really cares little about children.

I have received powerful tools and great inspiration through seed planters training.  The experience we learned of winning children through games and council time and even team time is awesome.  I am planning to go to the various schools we have in our village and invite children to come to Awana.  As a pastor, I have decided to pioneer this great ministry myself until we get serious committed people to direct the program.


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