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Love shows up in Haiti

Awana employees assist in building playground for earthquake victims

Little girl who lost leg in earthquake in Haiti

"I have had a week go by since arriving back stateside from Haiti, and I think I can now talk a little more about my trip and not burst into tears at the drop of a hat. I don’t want to ever forget what I saw or grow callous to the pain and suffering of those we met but pray God will keep this afresh within me to remind me to pray for those in Haiti.

Saturday we dug holes all day for the new playground.   After the earthquake, there was a group of people who were being taken care of at a huge medical clinic to treat the thousands injured from it, as well as house them on their grounds along with their families. So it was for all these children that we were there to build a playground.

Sunday was Easter and what a great celebration of His resurrection we had! To look over the congregation, all gathered outside under the shade on a 90+ degrees day, many of whom lost limbs and were on crutches or were in wheelchairs but the smiles on their faces and the gleam in their eyes showed the love of Christ in them, something I will never ever forget. For it is in Christ that they look to for every provision in life, because within themselves, they have absolutely nothing.

Wednesday was the last day on building the playground; the team did an amazing job. And Thursday was making sure the final touches were done, gravel was all in place around the playground and then a dedication ceremony was held with a ribbon cutting and then the children ran for this new apparatus, many of which had never seen such a thing.

Wow, this was “payday” for us and it was so beautiful to see all these children, able to forget about life’s pain, even for just a few hours, to have fun, like children should, but seldom do in this culture. It was a little taste of heaven watching so many having the time of their life.

On the US side of things, I just want to say thank you to all who went out of their way to help make food packing for Haiti a reality. We had such wonderful feedback from the Summit teams, we had more volunteers than needed and packed well over 38, 000 meals! The teens loved coming outside of themselves and making a difference in the world around them. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you team, for making this happen. You were a blessing to many!"


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