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Something different happened inside of me

Clubber's mom deeply affected by Awana

Irene - Awana leader in Brazil 

“ Through my daughter, Yara, I started being interested in the church and I had the chance to accept Jesus as my Savior.  I used to see her going to Awana Club, Sunday School and services in our church, and her joy in participating, that little by little I was interested in the church programs too.  Then, something different happened inside of me, it was a great joy when I felt the presence of God in my life. I saw the need of being obedient through the baptism and today I am a happy woman with Jesus in my heart.

About Awana club, it has helped me a lot because I've seen children memorizing verses, playing, some of them attending church and others being saved.  It's a great joy to work with children that sometimes don't even know the Word of God.  Working for God has been very important to me because I hope that through my family's testimony many other people can get involved in an Awana ministry.”


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