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Some were crying warmly

Basic Training in Jordan leads to saved lives

Qandah family in Jordan
Fairouz, Gus, Daniel and Petra Qandah

"Our target by the ending of the year 2010 is having three running clubs, knowing that we've started officially our ministry in Jordan Awana at the beginning of 2010 with one active club that was struggling a lot with few trained leaders and some of them were not born again (many of the former leaders have immigrated to either Europe or North America).

We are training the 24 new leaders at Grace Fellowship an Iraqi church Mahatta a suburb of Amman. Some of them were not saved; therefore our first concern was to lead them to Christ. Gus is doing the preaching besides training them to be Christian youth and children leaders and I train them to become Awana leaders.

In our first Basic Training Gus preached the Gospel combined with inner healing, some of them were crying warmly. We prayed with them based on their request and with others for repentance. Most of them lived under persecution in Iraq.  Five accepted Christ as their own savior. In our fourth training day Gus asked the trainees to choose to pray unselfishly for something or someone that needs prayer, since Gus's devotion was about what things we ask God for.

This week, Maysa, one of the trainees also shared with us a testimony how her sister in Iraq did not give birth for six years and had given up on the matter. When Gus led them in prayer, she prayed for her sister and how delighted she was when her sister called from Iraq on the second day to tell them she was pregnant."


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