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Club in Tunisia experiences big growth

 Clubbers in Tunisia

Awana got started in Tunis when a Campus Crusade couple wanted their 4 children to continue their Awana handbooks while overseas.  Soon some of the children’s friends also wanted to do Awana so they started a club in a villa. Now, a few years later the club has grown to 45 children and the original family has moved back to the USA. 

Chris Toriz, Awana Regional Ministry Director for the Middle East/North Africa, visited there recently and found an excited group of children.  And from their parents he found out about two other churches that were interested in starting Awana, one in French and one in Arabic.

Tunisia is a country in N. Africa which is 99% Muslim, but it is one of the most progressive & open societies in the Arab world.  While the outward trappings of Islam are obvious, most people are more committed to secular dreams of wealth.  *Tunisia gained their independence from France in 1956, and while Arabic is the official language, French is widely used.  (*From Operation World 2001.)


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