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Orphanage shut down

Christian orphanage in Morocco closed down

Orphans in Morocco

Recently was the first time that Chris has been to Morocco.  We had a club trained there about 3 years ago  in Arabic by Milad from Lebanon, but we have not heard from them recently.  Another club has started in Rabat for expats in English.  We also found out that there was another club there in English that had never registered. 

Just recently however, the government has cracked down hard on any group witnessing to local Moroccans.  Just before Chris got there a Christian orphanage approved by the government and operating for 10 years was raided, and 20 workers were given 7 hours to pack and had an armed escort to an airplane out of the country.  Several other pastors and Christian workers were also expelled.   Please pray for the workers and the orphans who have lost their parents again and any chance of hearing about Christ again.  Pray for our Awana clubs who are keeping a low profile these days.


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