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Spiritual darkness still dominates

Prayer needed for Taiwan

Clubbrs in Taiwan

"Taiwan and Taipei in particular is still in darkness spiritually. Even though there is a great Christian influence here, Buddhism and Daoism continue to dominate the minds and actions of its people.  All parents seem to be more concerned with education, learning English, music lessons and sports than about the character training of their own children. Much of the training of children is given to grandparents or day care centers.  Even Christians and Pastors have not grasped the importance of parenting children spiritually.  Please pray for enlightenment and opportunities to share the truth of the Word of God with pastors and churches and parents.

We have had several opportunities lately to present Awana and will go to South Taiwan to present Awana to a denominational meeting. Please pray for fervency and clarity as we challenge the participants to start Awana as a wonderful tool to fulfill the Biblical imperative of training children."


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