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He read through the Bible 26 times

Mom in Korea hopes God will use her son

 Issac - clubber in Korea
 Issac - clubber in Korea

Issac is a 5th grade T&T clubber.  When Issac was 2 years old he played computers and enjoyed math games.  Turning on the computer, he learned and played math.  Then when he gets tired, he turned the computer off.  He seemed to be more skillful at it than his mom.

When he was 3 years old, he mastered the Korean characters and learned a simulation game called, Starcraft, from his dad.  As they played at the internet cafe, many people gathered around them to see Issac playing.  Of course, it's surprising to all the people because Issac was so young.  Actually, his mom was surprised to see Issac soaking in so many things she taught him.

Issac, who had read a great deal of books since 2 years old, gradually accelerated in reading books.  Did he master speed read that his mom hadn't taught him how to do?  His mom couldn't believe that Issac finished reading so fast, so she said to him, it's a lie.  However, he knew story of the book and answered questions easily.

After that, Issac continued to read many books, especially the Bible.  He read through the Bible 26 times.  By the end of December 2010, he had read through the Bible 30 times.

Issac goes to Awana club with his younger sister, Ini.  He does very well in the Awana Games and Bible Quizzing.

Issac's mom is excited about her son who has been special ever since his childhood.  She hopes he will sharpen his talent, become a wise person and then God will use him greatly.


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