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Displaced orphans in India find hope

Joining Jesus in inviting the little children

Children in India

These little children in above photo are the victims of ethnic violence. The chief of another village about 50 miles away, has taken them in and allowed them to build temporary sheds under a rehabilitation program arranged by the village and its chief.

Today, they live as refugees even in their own state.  I am told that they became refugees not one time but 3 or more times!  They have been forced to start life all over again. It has become almost impossible for these precious children.

Though they are deprived of so many basic amenities such as—clean water, food, shelter, clothes, school and even parents yet, through the Awana program, they learn God's word.  God’s word has brought comfort, solace and hope. He has called believers to care for the widows, orphans, the needy and those deprived ones.


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