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Amazing church plant in Nepal!

Church used to be a 5 hour walk

Church Plant in Nepal

On behalf of Bethelehem church we want to thank Awana Club Nepal for their service and good support. We are very pleased that you remembered our children and brought this program around us.

12 years ago we became Christians. In these 12 years, we got much discrimination from our society but we kept our eyes on Jesus. Our church is very far from our home and we used to go church once in a month and it used to take 5 hours walking to reach the church.  In January 2010, we planted a new church in our village, there are 25-30 believers. Please pray for our new church.

Nepal children praying

I got a chance to take part in the Awana seed planters training which, I got to learn many things about the children's Ministry, the importance of Children, attracting children to Club, sharing good news, teaching the children about God, instruction for play games and the character of leaders. Now after I return to my home, I will teach them and help the children to grow in Christ.  Thank You!


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