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Pray for more leaders!

The number of children keeps increasing at club in Kenya

This is my wonderful opportunity to express my feelings.    Above all let me take this change to thank the Almighty God for who he is.  I appreciate Awana so much for their contribution to children’s ministry.  I want to see that every child is reached throughout the world.

I am planning on get married soon because two are better than one to accomplish much. I started serving in children’s ministry when I was just a teenager, up to now I have been faced with a lot of challenges in my serving God.  First, I did not know how to do this work well though having experience about fifteen years.  I thank God and Awana leaders to see a need for training us.  Now, thanks to great training, I  know I will work well and serve my maker.

We have about seventy kids in our church.  We usually meet on Saturdays and Sundays.  We started Saturday Kids Ministry because we were targeting Muslim kids who were coming to play in our church ground.  But kids from the community started coming in so we saw it better to have that ministry because they are coming from poor backgrounds near our church.  The number is increasing every time we meet.

Please pray for us because we are facing many challenges and threats from Muslims. Also, we don’t always have enough equipment to use in our lessons.  We need many leaders as the number of children is increasing tremendously.  God Bless you.


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