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Disabled kids are people too!

New Awana leader to bring Awana to disabled children

Praise the Lord!!  Hope you will shout a big AMEN!!!!  First  is to thank our Almighty God for giving me this chance to write to you knowing that it is God’s grace.  I am very much grateful for what you have done into my life through Awana Seed Planting Training.  There are so many people who needed this opportunity but God gave it to me. 

I am a parent with two kids; one girl and a very handsome boy and I am very much grateful for them and  also a mother for 34 disabled children in Korogo  Cho and I thank God because or giving me those children including my son, Milton.

In the community that I come from which is Korogo Cho, they believe a disabled child can not go to church or interact with others so that is why we are trying to fight that stigma among them and show them also a disabled child can recite memory verses and songs.

Also, thank God because of Awana Ministry for helping us so that we can also help the forgotten and that includes children and vulnerable children.  May God give you more strength so that you can reach all people, all churches and make them understand that children are also people.

I have only one request:  that you pray for me so that I will start Awana  Club for disabled children in Korogo Cho and Kenya at large.  Thank you and may God bless you.


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