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Widow reaching Muslim kids in Kenya

Widow/single mother becomes Awana leader

I am grateful to God for you, your prayers, and financial support of our Awana Ministry at Nakuru Seed Planter’s Training  I appreciate you for your desire to see children in our community come to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am forty years old, a widow with one son named Daniel (13); we live within the town of Malindi and I teach a primary school within the town.

In our community we have percentage of about 20 being Muslim that need to hear the good news.  I have learned much at the Seed Planter’s in Nakuru and I have learned how to evangelize to children and bring the lost boys and girls to Christ and also their parents. 

I have learned to consider children as people to love, and have compassion on them just like Christ had for them.  I have also developed a desire to reach out to children so when I go back to my church I will make awareness to the pastor and the church leaders.  I am hoping to start the club in two weeks time after training and recruiting leaders.

May God bless you for all that you have done to the Awana ministry.  May you continue to pray with us as we pray for you and take this task of God with all  your strength.


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