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The story of Diana

Diana loved Awana from day one

Sometime we wonder why God gave us a lot of energy and strength whereas some people do not understand God’s reason for doing that. Some people will use that energy to get rich or to fulfill their ambitions while others will use that energy to commit crimes, well, that’s just according to people’s thinking, but for this young girl by the name of Diana thought that God did not only give her energy to keep to herself  but to glorify Him through Awana.

She was born on 12th January 1998 and joined Awana while in grade four in the flame club. But before becoming an Awana clubber her life was not as it is now. Being raised in a Christian family, her behaviors were not like of one who is from that kind of family. She went to church because she was forced to go, she wanted to only be staying at home and play with her friends all the time. It became a habit of playing with her friends too much on Saturdays that when Sunday comes she claims that she is tired and that she cannot go to church.

Diana in Kenya

                                                       Diana Kaveza

She continued like this until one Saturday when one of her friends that she goes to school with told her that she wanted to take her somewhere. She accepted because she wanted to know where that place was, she found herself in a big church with so many kids who were wearing different colors of t-shirts. She asked her friend what that place was and she told her that it is called Awana, she still didn’t understand what her friend was talking about so she asked her again and her friend told her that Awana is an acronym that stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed and it’s main theme is to reach young boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and she is not ashamed of the gospel of God because it teaches her to be a good child in all that she does.

She wanted to know more so she stayed and listened, after sometime she saw all the children heading to the field and started playing games that made her happy and she wanted to join them and play with them but she was afraid because she thought that she would be chased away by the other children and leaders because didn’t know her. She was amazed to see that all the people there were friendly to her and welcomed her as one of them and she was even given a chance to participate in the games. After that they all went to grades where they were taught from the scriptures and other children memorized verses from handbooks that they had been given. She didn’t have handbook of her own so she did not do the memorizing. 

She loved Awana from that very day she joined; she enjoyed the games that were played there and the Bible verse memorizing. She was not a girl that knew how to memorize scripture verses but in Awana she became good in doing that. The best thing is that it is in Awana where she gave her life to Christ while in grade five. She says that, that Saturday is one that she will never forget in her life, because it is when she raised up her hand during council and told her leader that she wanted to live God’s way and so she wants to accept Christ as her lord and personal savior.

Diana in school

She is deeply in love with Awana and she enjoys meeting with clubbers every Saturdays at her hope church in Nairobi Kenya, and she also enjoys going for the Awana honor camps. She says that she has dedicated all the energy that God has given to her to praising him every Saturday during games time at her Awana club instead of playing unprofitable games with her friends making her tired that she can’t even go to church on Sundays.

This is what she says to her fellow Awana clubbers all over the world, that they should pray for each other and pray for other children who do not know God because there are so many of them who need to know about Christ, and lastly that they should use their time and energy to praise God.


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