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Grateful in Jamaica

New leader in Jamaica very happy!

I truly am grateful for the valued time and effort that went into making us aware of the best possible ways to guide our children to not only learn about the Gospel but to be able to apply the scripture to day to daily life and to be able to make wise and life transforming decisions. We truly thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit and obeying God's command, His Great Commission to "Go ye therefore into all the world and preach the Gospel". I too am thankful for now I have better insight as how not only to lead a clubber to Christ but also to teach my own children to trust in what Jesus did for us all on the cross.

God bless you all for not only am I able to teach children about Christ my Faith has also been strengthened in the decision to live for Christ. I truly am thankful. I pray that the Almighty Alpha and Omega continues to give you divine insight into reaching His children (our children) so that we can have a better generation, a generation that will be like Joshua and stand up for God always, no matter what.


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