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From zero leaders to nine!

Awana is growing in Cuba

Sorry for my English, if you don't understand something please let me know. :)

The ministry is growing, the churches are very exciting seeing the
good results of the last Seed Planters Conferences. Last weekend we
had invited to the Basic Training as observers this BT was doing for
two of the leaders prepared in our Seed Planters Conferences last
November 2009. We saw a very good basic training. The leaders enjoy a
lot this time, learning more about the work with the kids, practicing
the game time and enjoying a good Cuban food!!!

We are receiving in the National Office many phone calls from leaders.
They are testifying about how the vision of the people in their churches
was changed. One of most impacting calls was the call of Yaneisy
Cordero Monzón, she's a Pastor's wife, they are serving "Star of
Bethelem" Baptist Church, "Pinar del Río" Province in a little town
named "Alonzo Rojas".

Only she attended to the conferences in representation of this church
last November. She was very interested but with sadness in she's heart
because for a long time in this church they could not have people to
work with the kids.

During this present week she phoned us, with a lot of joy she informed
us that they have now nine "Brand new" leaders motivating & training. The
church is very happy and we are praising the Lord because in His
desire of reaching all the creatures, He have now nine more "useful
tools" to achieve that.

Havana, Cuba


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