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Nepal boy sells newspapers to buy Awana handbook and uniform

A boy in Nepal finds Christ, and wants to be a Pastor!

Milan Tamang is from a broken family. His father left home when he was very young. He is living with his mother. He used to help his mother to collect fire wood so that they can make some money to live. He had so many friends who had nothing to do; they always go around and play.


He was 8 years old when one of his Christian friends asked him to go to his Awana clubs in the year 2000. So next Saturday he went to Awana clubs meeting at the Itahari Baptist Church. Since then he loves to go Awana every Saturday. He also got admission in a school in the same year. He started selling local Newspaper every morning to make some money to buy Awana handbooks and uniforms.

nepal boy july 2010

Milan accepted Jesus as his personal Savior in 2004. He was baptized in September 2005. He also won the Excellent Award in 2005. In between his mother also accepted Jesus as her personal Savior. Now both of them are members of Itahari Baptist Church. Now he is 15 years old and next year he is going to complete his high school. He still sells Newspaper every morning to make some money. He wants to become Awana leader and Pastor some day.


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