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Excited pastor in New Delhi!

House church pastor hears about Awana and can't wait to get started

I am running 3 house churches in 3 different villages. Pastor Raj Kumar who attended earlier Awana Seed Planters Training has encouraged me to attend this training. He has been successfully using Awana truth Seekers materials in his mission field to reach children and youth.

 We have 60 kids in our church but no systematic program for them. After attending this training I came to know that we have been neglecting our children so much because we were thinking that when they grow up they would know the Lord by themselves.

I came to know that the best age to share about Jesus is age between 4 to 14. Through children I can reach their parents and establish more house churches in my area. This program will benefit not only to kids but also to adults of our House churches too. I would like to use for adult also so that they will enrich in God’s word.


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