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Ruth shares a heart touching story about Awana

My name is Ruth Nguyen. I am Vietnamese. I have been married for 11 years, and God has blessed us with three wonderful children, Esther (10); Samuel (6); and Yana (2). We are studying in International Graduate School of Leadership in Manila. This is a great opportunity for me to attend in the Seed Planters Training.

I have learned much from the program lessons. Because I have small child so I asked me lady to care for her when I attend the class. The time I supposed to go but she didn’t come and I almost gave up. Finally, I decided to go to the conference. The first lesson is the importance of children ministry. Pastor Anat talked about the attitude we have with the children, ‘we see them as a bother.’  It was really touching my heart, look at my daughter I cried and it became a valuable lesson that I had learned. Knowing that the children will grow up and the Lord will use them but I didn’t think that now the girl is ten years old, and only 8 years later she will become 18 years old.

Time is flying when we think past 8 years if they have learned about God, they will do the great thing. I am so excited with the game square, and it’s very helpful not only for children but also for the youth. We have around 50 children in my school, and I want to practice, help them about God’s word.

Please pray that as I go back to my country in Vietnam in next April. I will be able to find those who interested with children ministry. I will train them and start the club soon. Pray that God will move in people’s hearts and give them the vision of reaching these precious children for His kingdom.

I am grateful to God for you, your prayers and your financial support of our Awana ministry. Thank you for your desire to see the children in our community come and know our Lord Jesus Christ. Only God knows how far your gift to God going but I believe that the Lord will use each one of us in a might way. Thank you very much. May the Lord bless you richly.


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