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No more boring Bible stories

Taking Awana to a village in Malaysia

The Awana Seed Planters Training is a great blessing to me. I praised God that what I’ve learned where able to use in Sabah. Honestly, during the time of game time as the Awana leaders allow us to play the Awana games, I’m visualizing and dreamed how fun it will be for the children in Kampong (a village) when they play this kind of games, to see their laughs and smiles. Then during our council and team time. I thank the Lord for different approach and methods (techniques) to teach Bible stories and memory verses and what I most enjoyed of that Awana had a ready materials and visual aids to help me to tell the story more clearly and understandable. I remembered during the time that we’re starting a Saturday Bible class to children in Kampong. I was having a hard time finding my materials and visual aids in order that the children will enjoy the Bible stories. I went to churches and even surfing to internet during late at night. But yet found none.

So now as the Awana leader showed and explained to us the materials, my heart was overwhelmed because their will be no more night internet surfing, non prepared games, and boring Bible stories. I was able to jump for joy! Because all I’ve to do is just to study the Awana materials ahead. As I go back to Sabah, it’s my desire to teach all that I’ve learned to both mothers and children so that together we can expand God’s Kingdom. It’s my prayer to see them all in Heaven.

We have about 300 children in Kampong and surrounding areas that can be reached through Awana. I’m excited to share Awana to them that all children and young people as well will come and enjoy learning the love of Jesus.


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