Clubs Just Like Yours

Arab boys and girls learn about Jesus

Awana club near by Bethlehem

Just a stones throw away from where Jesus the Messiah was born lies the little town of Betjalla. The sister town of Bethlehem is today home to an alive and well Awana club that has been running for years.

The club consists of 25 young Arab boys and girls who live in Bethlehem and Betjalla. The group meets at a Christian center nestled among the ancient olives trees once a week for games, handbook time, and a Bible story.

This Awana club like others in the Land of the Bible is very similar to yours back home!  The kids love Jesus and want to learn more about Him and his Word.

There are a few clubs in the Land of the Bible but there is much interest to start more. Please pray that God will make Awana firmly stand here where “the eyes of the Lord are always upon it.”


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