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Pastor plans to adopt 5 children!

Ukrainian Pastor loves kids

I want to share with you the story how God works there through the pastor of this church in Kozelschina.  Awana clubs has been working there for 5 years and 2 times they had youth who came there through our program.

The pastor’s name of Kozelschina church is Valentin. He is very open, sociable person and likes children very much. His wife and he have 2 wonderful daughters. But after serving in Awana club and working with the youth teams from the USA they decided to change something in their life. After had been praying about it for some time they adopted 2 children from the orphanage.

So, today they have 4 children and they plan to adopt 5 children more in future. Many people from their village were surprised by this decision because nowadays there are so few people who want to bear responsibility for somebody else’s children. But Valentin and Tanya are sure that their love and care about these children help them to love God. They serve these children with great happiness and believe that their work cultivates the seeds of Truth in chidren's hearts.

Because of your help, we could be coworkers in God’s work and see how He changes people’s hearts and lives! And in this case, how He has changed the hearts towards children because of Awana Ministry!


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