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Venezuela - Urgent

Venezuela - Urgent

venezuela flag

Venezuela Flag

We give thanks to God for your life and the disposition to give so the Kingdom of God can be extended. We really appreciated your cooperation. We are Awana missionaries and we attend the largest estates, we have been serving God for 14 years, through this ministry; at first as leaders in our church, and now as missionaries.

We met in Awana and we’ve been married for three years, we been serving together to reach more children with the gospel for Christ. We attend towns from very far, like the east part of the country is a place with very hot climate but the people are very nice.

Currently we have attended 52 churches and with the new project we want to reach 40 more, to be able to reach more children with the gospel.

It is “Urgent” for this generation to know, Love and serve our God, there are many who are loss and are captive by sin; is necessary for the church to do the proclamation of the gospel.

Pray for God to help us, by giving us wisdom and grace to pass this vision to others.


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