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Mexico 271 clubbers!!

Mexico 271 clubbers!!

In the local church we are working strong and we also have a head count, counting the Sparks and Cubbies of about 150 kids. And also in the youth group it has been growing and we have about 57 attending. We have completely redone how we do our Awana, just as we were taught in Monterrey. We have had several meetings, and little by little we have been making the necessary changes.

Mexico game circle

We are also working in 3 areas here in Pimineta and also Xilitla and Terrero with Muppets (puppets) and we trust that God will supply our financial need so that we can share this program with the other communities and mission churches. But everything is working well. Please help us pray for the Brother who has committed to go and visit our little mission churches that God may see His work grow, especially with the children.

We have a goal this year for 2010 and we want you to help us pray to reach 500 children. We trust that God will supply all our needs and we also need more leaders to be hands on and committed. We have had some issues come up and most of that has been just a difference of opinion among the leaders, but we have a total of 271 children now Praise God.



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