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Nicaragua 5-6 times growth in Sunday school

Nicaragua 5-6 times growth in Sunday school

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Clubbers in Nicaragua!

This is the second year that we worked with the Awana club and it has been a great blessing to our Church, there was no ministry with children and the ministry has managed to evangelism to our neighborhood. A year before thinking about any ministry with children, had an attendance of 10-15 children in Sunday school, the first year we have up to 60 children, this year we have 40 children who have been faithful and have advanced in their manuals.

I should mention that most children who work are children in the neighborhood that their families are unsaved, but gradually becoming involved in our Church, that is why we made the decisión to give the material to children free.  See how immensely great an expense afford uniforms and books for 40 children, and also do activities with them.


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