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Guatemala No matter what the sacrifice

Guatemala No matter what the sacrifice


My name is Norma Dalia Castillo Martínez, and I am 24 years old. I live in Camojallito, and I help out at the CA church of Nueva Jerusalem.

My desire is to work with children.  In my childhood I was moved and now I am excited to work with defenseless children.  I long for each child to live and have fun in their childhood. I want to tell you all that since I first heard that there would be training, I began to think about the many charities and the great needs of the children.  My heart aches to see so many children in the conditions that they live in and how they are treated.  But even more, my heart aches to see the many leaders that don’t seem to care about them. 

For that same reason, I said inside myself, “I am prepared to go, no matter what I have to sacrifice and the things I have to leave.  I am going because I care and I live for them”.  Now I have come here and I have another mentality.  I have already done very little for the Lord but I want to go and do more, but I am in practice what I have learned. I believe in my mind and in my heart that with the help of God and the leaders we can form our own club.

I tell you all that,  in my neighborhood there are so many children, and my goal is to reach for them so that our society will be transformed with the power of God.

Foremost, I am thankful to God, but also to you all wonderful supporters that have had their hearts touched by God.   I feel compassion towards the children.  Moreover, I wish to guarantee you all that it all will be successful and even greater.

I hope that our God blesses you, and helps you continue foreword doing the work of God


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