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Philippines Trust and Obey

Philippines Trust and Obey

I’m so thankful to God for you for having the heart of providing a financial support for the Awana Seed Planters Training at Tagaytay Country Homes.

I’m already 21 years of age, just graduated from college last June 2009. I live at Bulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga. While I was in college I experienced a lot of hindrances in serving the Lord, I had guilt, fear of having responsibilities and failures, but God did not allow me to stay at that way. Through my devotions God told me to trust and obey Him and I did so. After 2 months God directed me to Awana club in my own church.


I’m blessed because I am one of the chosen our church chose to send to join the Awana training. I have learned many things from this training like organizing the club, teaching the Bible lesson, the games, memorizing the verses and many more. Through God’s word and testimonies of fellow Christians I’m being more encouraged to do he Great Commission.

We have more or less than 6 outreaches that can be reached through Awana ministry.

Kindly pray that as we go back to Tabuk, we will be able to teach the leaders from the different outreaches and that God will give us the wisdom to teach effectively.

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