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Indonesia I have learned a lot

Indonesia I have learned a lot

With a great thanksgiving to God, I will give you a lot of things that we gained during the Awana Club Pelatihna. Previously, I would like to thank Awana team to organize Planting Seeds. Who would have sacrificed a lot of time, effort or cost is a significant amount of funds.

I'm not married but was engaged with a child of God who named Ferdinand. I serve the Disuku Dayak and while my own people, but my fiancee Toraja is indigenous to the Dayak people. These regions are also many Catholic children who need to hear good news.

I've learned a lot from training Planting Seeds. I've been trained to communicate the gospel to children in a practical and attractive. And my desire, what I have gained I will be teaching and apply to others to build the kingdom of God because I know very well that children are very precious to God. We have 50 children that we can reach through this Awana ministry.

Please pray for me, when I return to Kedesa or Kegereja, I get a new strength and a new spirit and God prepares the people who have the same vision to reach the children for the kingdom of God.

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