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Fiji now I have a clear vision

Fiji now I have a clear vision

With great thanksgiving to God, I will give you a lot of things that we gained during the Awana Club Pelatihna. Previously, I would like to thank the team from Awana that taught the Seed Planting.

I am a mother who was married almost 14 years and God has blessed us with 2 children. I am called to serve children although I have a basic education through Bible school but I'm sure God will help me. I have a disease that I have suffered for many years, and when I ask God for help, because of the goodness of God, He has answered them all.

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I've learned a lot through training Seed Planters.  Now I just follow. I can learn the word of God and understand how important children are to God. I have a clear vision to spread the word of God to children. I have practical experience in learning game time, and how to teach Bible lessons is very good for me. My longing is to teach what I've learned and I will share it with others.
We have approximately 75 people around the children in our area that can be reached through the ministry of Awana.

Please pray for me when I return to my village and church, I can get the necessary leadership to our club started as soon as possible.
Pray that God will move the hearts of the people and bless us to this vision.


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