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Bhutan - Many churches, no children's programs

Bhutan - Many churches, no children's programs

Oceanful of thanks and grateful to God for you, your prayers, help and your financial supports see the children in our Khuruthang community to know, love and serve our Jesus Christ.

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I am unmarried. I live in Khuruthang city. There are churches but there are no such programs for the children. There are lots of children and youth who still do not know about Jesus Christ.

Today, due to your help I am being able to take seed planters training. From this training I learned about the methods of sharing good news, understood the importance of children to god, teaching words of God from Bible to children.

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After I go back to my church, I will teach about this training and make more Awana leaders. I have a hope that I will get more active leaders who have full vision for children ministry.


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