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Kenya - Sylvia's Story

Kenya - Sylvia's Story

                                               THE STORY OF SYLVIA NAMNYAK

Sometimes we think that Awana is only meant for children who are only good in Bible memorization yet we forget that it also has interesting games for all the ages involved and simple and good memory verses for all. Sylvia joined Awana because of playing the games not knowing that through the Awana club God would change her and even use her to change even her friends who did not know about God

She was born on March 19th 1998 and she is now 12 years old. Her home is situated near the church where she goes for the Awana club. Before joining Awana, she would see kids every Sunday in big number gathered making noise not knowing that those were cheering noise. She would then see them going into classes where they would be taught the word of God. She did not understand what it was all about.

 Kenya girl Sylvia

                                                                     Sylvia Namnyak

On Sundays, she would only go to church and then after that go home and play with her friends. Not all her friends went to church on Sundays but most of the time she hanged out with those who did not go to church. Those who did not go to church did not go because their parents didn’t go. Sylvia thought that she did not belong to Awana club because she had a weakness in memorizing Bible verses that is why even most of her friends were those who did not go to church because she could not play with those who went for the Awana club claiming that they would out do her in everything.

I thank God because her friends who went to the Awana club did not underrate her but instead they encouraged her telling her they were still her friends and they would help her know how to memorize Bible verses and furthermore she was the best when it came to games.

One Sunday after attending church, they told her to remain behind for Awana. She did not refuse and so she remained, during games, they encouraged her to participate and so she decided. It is amazing that almost every game that participated she won, her friends were so excited and so she was. They went for team time, which is the time for Bible verse memorization, she watched as her friends did the memorization and they asked whether she was interested and she accepted. Their leader gave Sylvia a handbook and helped her do the memorization.

 Kenya girl Sylvia 2

                                            Sylvia in blue during a game session

When she went home with them, on the way they helped her try to memorize verses and recite and it was so wonderful. The next Sunday when they came back, she was able to recite the verses alone without the help of the leader. She felt so nice and she was very happy. This continued until one of the Sundays she decided to dedicate her life to Christ, she got saved and lived her life for Christ.

She decided that she would go and tell her friends who were not born again about Awana. She encouraged them to be coming for Awana club, they started coming slowly by slowly, and they became members of the Awana.

Back home her parents were so excited about their daughter, they were happy seeing their child grow in a Christian way, a way that is pleasing to God. This is Sylvia’s prayer to all other boys and girls all over the world that God is going to open up their eyes so that they would know the importance of Awana and how hard it is working to reach the other boy and girl with gospel of Christ.


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