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Africa - The story of Mercy

Africa - The story of Mercy


Mercy is a young girl aged 12 yrs. She lives in a town called kitale in the rift valley region of Kenya. She is a pupil at a local school that is near her home. She goes to church together with her friends but not the same church as her parents. She used to go to the same church with her parents and as she remembers those days, she says that God has a plan for everything and that the ways of God are not the ways of man. She says that she didn’t know that one day she would find herself going into a different.

Her parent’s church is near an African Inland Church, they go to a Seventh Day Adventist Church. On Saturdays when she is in church with her parents she would hear noise made by children coming from the neighboring church. She did not understand what was happening until one day she decided to go and see what was all about the noise, she found many kids wearing different t- shirts gathered together playing games.

                                                  Mercy from Africa

                                                   Mercy Cherono

Although she did not understand why they were playing the games, she decided to stand there and watch. After some minutes, the kids went to class led by their leaders, she decided to go to church but in her mind something was bothering because she really wanted to know what the children in the neighboring church were doing. Some children who were in the club playing games came from the same neighborhood with her, so when she went home she decided to ask them what they were doing there. This is what they told her. That, that is a children’s club called Awana where they go every Saturday for Bible study but before they start their Bible study, they play different types of games so that they can relax their minds so that when they go to class for the lessons they can concentrate and listen to the scriptures and do scripture memorization well.

Mercy did not understand what her friends meant when they talked about memorizing scriptures verses, so she asked them why they had memorize Bible verses. They answered her by quoting Psalms 119:11; Thy word have I hid in my heart that I may not sin against thee, and also Psalm 119:105; thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path, That they do Bible verse memorization so that the word of God may remain in their hearts and direct them in all that they do. She thought for a while and saw that it was good because in her church they did not do things like those, so she asked her friends how she could join the club, they told her that you don’t have to pay all you have to do is go on Saturday with a Bible and note book.

The Saturday that followed mercy went with her friends to the Awana club something that made her parents angry because she did not attend the church service. She told them that she went there because she saw that her friends were taught well the word of God and in their children’s class, they were not taught Bible memorization. Her parents loved and they always wished the best for her, they thought for a moment and told her that it is always good to listen to the word of God and memorize it and they gave her a chance to attend the club. I thank God because it is in the Awana club where she surrendered her life to Christ.

She is now doing well in the club because she attends her parent’s church in the morning and attends Awana club in the afternoon. May God bless Awana.


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