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Woman in refugee camp to be an Awana leader!

"Thank you for bringing Awana to my community"

Dear Sponsor; My name is Martha Kalambe of Maheba Refugee Settlement Block D Road 36. I would like to thank you for the desire you have to see Children in our community to know our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am single, a refugee from Democratic Republic of Congo. I have learned so much from Seed Planters that I just received. I was able to study God’s word and understand how important children are to HIM. I have been trained how to share the gospel more effectively.

Meheba Refugee Camp

Maheba Refugee Camp

Now I have a clear vision on how to spread God’s word to children and their families in our village. The game time and how to teach a bible lesson was very good and interesting for me. As I go back to my church my desire is to teach others what I have learned, so that together we can build God’s kingdom.

Praise: Thank you for bringing AWANA to my community. I pray that God will protect us and provide for you and us. I pray that the children will be saved in my camp.


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