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Ghana-High School Senior becomes Awana Leader!

"There are about 150 kids in my community, and I am willing to go door to door"

I am grateful to God for you, your prayers and your financial support of our Awana ministry at The Church of Pentecost. Thank you for your wish to see the children in our community knowing our Lord Jesus Christ!

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I am a student in form two at Mando Senior High School. I live at Community two, an area at Tema. There are many churches in my community but children don’t enjoy many church activities. In addition to the children, there are many orphans and single parents in our community that need to hear the Gospel (Good News).

I have learned much from the Seed Planters training that I received I was able to study the Gospel and understood how beneficial children are to Him (God). I’ve been trained how to share the Gospel (Good News) effectively. Now I have an aim for spreading the Good News to children and their families in our community.

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The experience of learning the game and how to teach the Bible lesson practically is good for me. When I get back to my church, it is my wish to teach what I have learned to others, that together we can build the Kingdom of God! As there is a saying which says, “Together we stand but divided we fall”.

There are about 150 children in the surrounding area that Awana ministry can reach, I will be glad to go house to house with our local leaders to invite many children to Awana, where they can have fun and learn more about Christ Jesus!

Is my prayer that, as I go back to my community and church we will be able to get the leadership needed to start the club very soon and that God will move in peoples hearts and give them the aims of reading what is precious to God (children) for His Kingdom.

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