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Slovakia - Awana is strengthening my faith!

Awana Club in Slovakia
Awana Club in Slovakia

Dasa is very thankful for Awana

Hello! My name is Dáša. My parents led me to church (Evangelical Lutheran) since my childhood and I attended Sunday school. Now I go through the confirmation classes.

Since I was 6 I started to attend the AWANA clubs. I like it very much. I discovered a lot of things about the Lord Jesus. I like AWANA camps, there is lot of fun.

The program is prepared by our team leaders. We also go to AWANA Olympic games in Michalovce. This year it was for the third time and our club won second prize.

My group leader’s name is Mata. We have very good discussions there. AWANA is strengthening my faith in God. I am very thankful for AWANA.


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