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Katya's parents would not allow her to go to Awana

Cherkasy, Ukraine
Cherkasy, Ukraine

God changes the hearts of parents

We are thankful God for His special care for us that He does through you.  I would like to share with you one testimony I have heard this month. Recently in Cherkasy church youth told their testimonies and one Awana leader told us her personal testimony. When she (Katya) was a child, she was invited to the Awana meet.

She liked it very much but her parents didn’t allow her to attend the club and she visited it secretly. But when her parents got to know about it, they strictly prohibited her to attend the Awana meets.

She witnessed that she was taught at Awana how to pray and she had been praying about the permission to attend the club. Some time later there was a summer Christian camp at the local church and her parents allowed her sister to come there.

Katya begged her sister and parents to permit her to come as well. And her parents agreed. After the camp she continued to attend the Awana club and the church but this time the parents weren’t against it anymore. Her sister unfortunately didn’t stay with God, but Katya accepted Jesus into her heart.

God has been opening up to her and she growing spiritually. She recently went on a missionary trip with the youth from her church. In August, Katya was married to Artem, who is from our church and he is also Awana leader. Praise the Lord for the blessings and happiness that He gives us when we longing for close relationships with Him.

Thank you one more time for your desire to support Awana Ministry in Ukraine. It is very necessary help for us because only by our own strength we couldn’t do it. May God bless you and fill up all your needs.


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