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Philippines - Awana leader ministers to children in garbage dump

Children near garbage dump learn the good news

Thank you very much for sponsoring the training. Truly God has touched your hearts by sharing with us your blessings to we could attend the training and learn many things which could help us in spiritually reaching children in our area.

I am 48 years old and married with 2 children ages 17 and 12. I have lived in this city since I was born. My burden to teach the children started in 1986 when I joined our church school. Since then, I’ve been teaching children from ages 8 up to 18 years old.

I have seen many changes in the lives of these children. I taught them reading as well as spiritual truths. Some of them are now successful in their chosen career and some are actively involved in the work of the Lord in our church.

boot boy in garbage dump

Two years ago, I came to know about the foundation (of which I am serving in now). My heart goes out to the children whom this foundation is serving. They are the helpless, impoverished children in our community. The live near the dump site of our city. Many of them are illiterate and some have gone to school but drop out (because of poverty) I really care for them. I feel compassion to them. Now, I am teaching them in academics as well as about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Include us in your prayers that the foundation will go on and it’s unison and mission to help the children in the landfill area will remain until the Lord comes. The people behind it will be more encouraged to help, nurture the children in the Lord.

girl in garbage dump

Again God bless you in everything you do and thanks.


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